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    Dengue Fever and Tall Stories for Children / Yoani Sanchez
    Posted on August 20, 2014

    Explaining death to a child is always a difficult task. Some parents
    reach for a metaphor and others lie. The adults justify someone’s death
    to children with phrases that range from “he’s gone to heave to live on
    a cloud,” to the tall story that “he’s gone on a trip.” The worst is
    when these inventions transcend the family and become the political
    information policy of a State. To falsify to people the actual incidence
    of death, is to rob them of their maturity and deny their right to

    In 1981 an epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever broke out in Cuba. I was
    barely six, but that situation left me deeply traumatized. The first
    thing they told us in school was that the disease had been introduced by
    “Yankee imperialism.” The Uncle Sam of my childish nightmares no longer
    threatened us with a gun, but rather with a huge Aedes aegypti mosquito,
    ready to infect us with bonebreak fever. My family panicked when they
    began to learn about the dead children. The emergency room at the
    Central Havana Pediatric Hospital was a hive of screaming and crying. My
    mother asked me once an hour if anything hurt, her hand on my forehead
    checking for fever.

    There was no information, only whispers and fear, a lot of fear. By not
    speaking publicly about the true source of the evil, the population
    could barely protect itself. In my primary school we kept running to the
    shelter—underneath the Ministry of Basic Industries—in the face of the
    “imminent military attack” that was coming from the North. Meanwhile, a
    small stealthy enemy ran rampant among people my age. That lie didn’t
    take long to become obvious. Decades later dengue fever has returned,
    although I dare say it never left, and all these years the health
    authorities have tried to hide it.

    Now there is no one else to blame, as if hygiene hasn’t deteriorated in
    our country. It is not the Pentagon, but the thousands of miles of
    damaged plumbing leaking all over the Island. It is not the CIA, but the
    inefficiency of a system that has not even managed to build new drainage
    and sewer networks. The responsibility doesn’t point overseas, but
    directly at us. No laboratory has created this virus to kill Cubans, it
    is our own material and sanitary collapse that keeps us from being able
    to control it.

    At least that story for children, where the evil always came from
    abroad, no longer works. The tall story, which presented us as victims
    infected by American perfidy, is accepted only by the most naïve. Like
    children grow up, we have found that the Government has lied to us about
    dengue fever and that those were not paternalistic falsehoods, but
    sophisticated lies of the State.

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