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    What Are You Complaining About? / Rebeca Monzo
    Posted on March 7, 2016

    Rebeca Monzo, 7 March 2016 — Many citizens complain about events such as
    these: President Obama’s visit, the Rolling Stones concert, the Chanel
    fashion show on the Paseo del Prado, international sporting events and
    others. They often take them as a show of support for the regime, and
    not as an opening that, despite the government’s intransigence, forces
    them to “open themselves to the world,” as Pope John Paul said, although
    against the opinions of many leaders, including Raul himself, who fear
    these openings because they know very well that they are cracks, which
    will widen more and more, and which will cause the absolute control they
    are accustomed to exercising over the population to slip from their hands.

    The positive side of all this is, to my way of thinking, that they are
    forced to undertake restoration and maintenance work that has been
    ignored for five decades in favor of prioritizing political
    proselytizing and the export of ideology. All this will ultimately bring
    benefits to the people, and the increasing arrival of foreigners,
    despite the lack of infrastructure and sanitary problems of every kind
    that face the city in trying to receive them.

    Ultimately, they have no alternative but to undertake public works to
    improve transport, hygiene and the sanitation of the whole city, which
    benefits not only the foreign visitors but the entire citizenry in one
    way or another, because they are alarmed by the “importation” of Zika to
    our island the fall of tourism and the chance for foreign investment.
    Thinking of the positive side of these events and not that they are not
    being realized in the way we as an incipient civil society aspire to,
    unrecognized by the regime.

    This is something like the fight against dengue fever. If we try to
    liquidate the mosquito only by burning oil, as they have done until now,
    over almost forty years, we are only going to ensure that it becomes

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