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    Campaign Against the Mosquito / Rebeca Monzo

    Rebeca Monzo, 30 May 2016 — On my planet, Cuba, dengue fever has been
    brought on by unsanitary conditions, which in turn were brought on by
    the revolution. Neglect and abandonment have caused the Aedes aegypti
    mosquito to proliferate from buildings abandoned due to collapse, from
    leaks in water mains, from uncollected piles of trash, and from plastic
    bottles and cans accumulating in roofless houses and open spaces in the
    Now the public relations campaign to eradicate the mosquito has almost
    become a joke. The government blames citizens, attacking the symptoms
    rather than the causes.


    Infestatations Detected

    – In the Cimex currency exchange office on Santa Catalina between
    Parraga and Poey streets in the Tenth of October district, three larvae
    and two adults (in a plastic water bottle).

    – In the Camilo Cienfuegos workplace, an Inder branch, on First between
    8th and 10th streets in the Plaza de la Revolucion district, three
    adults (in bathroom walls and the building entrance) eliminated.

    – In the Comunales office in the Santiago-Rincon people’s council at
    194th between 407th and 409th in the Boyeros district, one adult
    captured in flight.

    Please carefully read the notice above, published in the weekly
    Tribuna, and tell me honestly if this is serious or a joke that “got out
    of hand.”

    Source: Campaign Against the Mosquito / Rebeca Monzo – Translating Cuba

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