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    Zika Reveals the True Character of the Cuban Health Service / Juan Juan

    Juan Juan Almeida, 18 August 2016 — While wards 3-A (they have also
    prepared 3-B) and 4-A, on the third and fourth floors of the “Lucía
    Iñiguez Landín” Clinical Surgery Hospital in Holguín, notable for their
    absence of basic health care requisites, welcome Cuban patients with
    confirmed and suspected cases of Zika, Dengue Fever and Chunkunguya,
    ward 5F of the same hospital accommodates foreigners with similar
    symptoms, in very different conditions.

    “The photos I sent you reveal that this is a health service focussed on
    showing a face which is acceptable to international opinion, and that
    the enormous difference between the service received by sick foreigners
    and Cubans has nothing to do with the everlasting claims of lack of
    resources due to the blockade, but rather the indifference of the
    government, the state, and MINSAP (Public Health Ministry) toward the
    health of Cubans.” I have copied the exact words written to me by of one
    of the doctors working in that hospital.

    “The laboratory tests, which are carried out on each patient who is
    admitted with suspected Zika, Dengue Fever or Chikunguya, are sent to
    the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Havana,
    because,” he added, “it is the only place where there is the technology
    to confirm, or not, the existence of Zika. And this, along with the
    constant holdups in transport and institutional bureaucracy, means
    patients have to stay too long in hospital waiting for the results.”

    “But the most bizarre part,” adds the doctor indignantly, “is that the
    unexpected increase in patient admissions, and the time they are there
    waiting for results, have generated a lot of extra work at Lucía Iñiguez
    in Holguín, especially cleaning, which is, inexplicably, being covered
    by female prisoners, who have, basically, been tried for prostitution,
    with the service contracted to the provincial office of the Ministry of
    the Interior Prison Directorate.”

    Translated by GH

    Source: Zika Reveals the True Character of the Cuban Health Service /
    Juan Juan Almeida – Translating Cuba –

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